Emergency Roof Repair

Emergency roof repairs can be needed at any time of the year. Summer storms, hurricane seasons, heavy snowfall, and other seasonal events can sweep through and leave extensive damage to your roof in their wake. These events can take you by surprise, and unless you are always on top of taking steps to protect your roof against potential problems, you might experience worse damage than you were expecting. No matter what kind of emergency roof repairs you find yourself in need of, Molandes Roofing will be there to help.

Repairing Residential Roofs After A Crisis

When your residential roof has sustained damage, it’s incredibly important to take steps to repair it as soon as possible. When the damages impact the place you live in, you absolutely don’t want to wait until they get worse before you do something about them. If the damage is bad enough to result in a leak, then your roof is leaving the rest of your home vulnerable to potential water damage and animal infestation. Always call in a professional team of roofing experts when you need emergency roof repairs: Molandes Roofing is proud to serve all of Palestine and the surrounding area when it comes to emergency roof repairs. 

No matter what kind of damage your residential building has sustained, we will step up to ensure that everything looks just the way it should. Your home should be a place you feel comfortable in, without any worries of leaks or broken shingles, or anything else that might compromise your roof’s ability to protect you and your family from the elements.

Commercial Building Roof Repairs

If the roof of your business building has been damaged and requires emergency roof repairs, Molandes Roofing will be there in no time so that you can get back to business as usual. Even if your company has the ability to work from home, the inability to use your commercial building can cause many issues when it comes to productivity. Our roofing repairs can be done quickly and with expert precision to ensure that you and your employees aren’t displaced any longer than you need to be.

Watch For Signs Of Damage

When a heavy storm hits or tree branches fall on your roof, it’s always best to have your roof examined in order to establish the existence and extent of the damage. You might not think the damage is very bad at all, only to be caught off guard by an emergency later. Some problems are difficult to identify or are not visible from the ground, but our professional roofers will know what to watch out for when it comes to roof repair.  

However, there may be a few obvious indications that your roof requires a repair that you can look for on your own. To catch as much damage as you can before it becomes an emergency, watch out for these typical signs:

  • Any water leaks or air draft
  • Sagging roofline
  • Broken or missing shingles

If you’ve noticed any of these on your roof recently, give us a call! Don’t let the damage get worse before you call us.

Contact Molandes Roofing Foor Emergency Roof Repairs

Catching roof damage early will save you money and headaches. Call Molandes Roofing if your home is in need of immediate repairs, or if you’re concerned about the potential damage that your roof might have sustained during a recent incident. We’ll get things fixed up good as new in no time!

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