Residential Roof Replacement

If you’re starting to notice visible roof leaks, interior or exterior water damage, your asphalt shingles are curling, or a recent storm blew them clean off– you may need a residential roof replacement. Fortunately, Molandes Roofing in Elkhart, has your East Texas home covered. Keep reading to learn more about our project proposal process, roof replacements, why our customers love us, and learn more about our lifetime labor warranty. 

Residential Roof Replacement Scope of Work

You’re probably wondering what scope of work refers to in roofing. Well, when you have a roofing project, whether residential or commercial, you’re likely going to shop around for the best value. When you call a local roofing company for a residential roof replacement, they’ll send you a quote or estimate. The scope of work will outline all of the logistics so you know exactly what’s going on and your roofer knows what they need to do to satisfy their client. 

Tip: Make sure your roofers are quoting you for the same job. One roofing contractor might think you just need roof repairs, while the other recommends a roof replacement. Obviously, these roofing projects would be priced differently so before you make your decision, first make sure you understand the scope of work. 

Some things that a potential roofing company should include in the scope of work brief they present to you include:

  • A detailed explanation about what they found after inspecting your roof
  • Information about what issues they can resolve and how
  • Accurate measurements of your roof’s total square footage 
  • Information about the roofing materials they plan to use
  • Roofing material manufacturer and product warranty information
  • The colors they intend to use for all roofing components
  • Plans for the roof removal and construction debris removal
  • Labor warranty information
  • An approximate schedule for project completion
  • Payment schedule and financing options
  • Estimate expiration date

Residential Roof Replacement Cost

The average homeowner pays between $5,432 and $11,156 for a roof replacement (Home Advisor). Of course, the final sticker tag depends on the roofing materials you select, the size of your home, the components that make up your roofing system, the amount of roof decking you need to be replaced, local construction debris dumping fees, and more. 

To get the most accurate roof replacement estimate, reach out to Molandes Roofing at (903) 417-0206. We’re an honest roof replacement company and we’re dedicated to keeping costs low so homeowners in Elkhart and the surrounding areas will have a safe and sturdy roof over their heads. 

Local Roof Repairs and Replacements You Can Trust!

Our clients know that we’re one of the most reliable roofing companies in East Texas which is why they trust us to keep taking care of their roof and even recommend us to their loved ones.

“My previous roof was only three years old but was not installed properly and started leaking in multiple places about a year after we had it put on. The company that put it on (a well-known roofer in the area) tried to come out and fix the roof multiple times to no avail. The other company eventually stopped answering my calls. That’s where Donald comes in. I put a post on Facebook asking if any of my friends knew of a good roofer that I could trust to make the necessary repairs and Donald’s name was mentioned multiple times. 

Not only did he make the repairs he did it in one visit. When I asked him how much I owe him he said nothing and I humbly accepted his offer. Little did he know that I have multiple rent houses and I have since used him to replace roofs on over half of my rent houses. Sorry Donald that I am just now posting my review but I wanted to thank you for serving me so well. 

“I hope this review and my experience will help others see what a little kindness will get them. Furthermore, I hope it helps others see what roofer they should be using. You sir, have a bright future!”
– Derek East

“Donald and his crew did a fantastic job on our roof replacement following the inspection. Timely, efficient, communicative, thorough, and reasonable! From start to finish I knew what was going on, any changes or additional needs were discussed and rectified quickly. I would recommend Molandes Roofing to any and everyone I know!”
– Stanley Walker

“We used Molandes Roofing for a new roof after a major hail storm. They were fast and thorough, competent, and cleaned their mess up as they did the work. I would recommend them to anyone for any repair or replacement.”
– Rosie Welch

Lifetime Labor Warranty– Residential Roof Replacements Elkhart, Texas

Molandes Roofing is blazing a trail across East Texas as an honest residential roofing contractor. We’ll go the extra mile to make lifetime clients out of our one-timers and ensure that everyone that works with us trusts us so much that they’d recommend us to their friends, neighbors, and family. We’re so positive that you’ll love the value you get for your work, that we also offer all of our customers a lifetime labor warranty. Do you have a residential roofing project that you need to get started? Call Molandes Roofing for a quote– we promise that we’ll live up to our name.

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