Commercial Roof Repairs

Are you in need of commercial roof repairs? Your commercial roof does a lot more than provide protection from the elements. A functioning roof saves you money, helps lower energy costs, and aesthetically enhances your building. It is one of the first things clients notice when walking into your business. You don’t want to make a bad first impression. As you can see, maintaining your commercial roof reaps a lot of benefits. Molandes Roofing is here to help you take care of your roof. If you are in need of commercial roof repairs, need an installation, or a complete replacement, we are only a call away. 

Texas Weather Impacts Roofs

The weather in Texas is crazy. One day it will be 80 degrees and the next day businesses are shut down due to a snowstorm. This inconsistent weather takes a toll on your roof as well. Your roof is constantly fighting off the elements and protecting your assets, customers, and employees. However, sometimes the elements win. When too much moisture builds up on your roof, it can begin to experience leaks. These leaks can damage your investments and can lead to the growth of mold.

Mold is a very common problem to have, but it can greatly impact your employees’ and customers’ health. Mold can cause respiratory problems and allergic reactions. Avoid lawsuits and team up with Molandes Roofing instead.

Signs That You Need Commercial Roof Repairs

If you pay attention to your roof, you will pick up on some common signs that your roof needs repairs. By catching the problems early, you can avoid expensive roof repairs in the future. Take a look at some of the top signs that indicate your roof is in need of commercial roof repairs.


If you notice streaks of water running down your walls or ceiling, or your wallpaper is fading and peeling off, get in touch with us right away. You are dealing with a leak, and it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. As we mentioned earlier, these leaks can lead to mold and open a new can of worms.

Sinking Roofline

The roofline needs to be straight and strong. If it is sagging, curling, or dipping, your commercial roof needs a repair or even a complete replacement.

Broken or Missing Shingles

Although shingles are made out of tough materials, they can also take a hit. If your roof’s shingles are missing, have a hole, or have cracks, you will need to get repairs done. Additionally, shingles can shrink, split, get lifted up, and lose granules.

Higher Energy Bills

If you have noticed your energy bills going through the roof, it might be due to air escaping and entering through cracks in your roof. Molandes Roofing can get these cracks repaired so you don’t have to deal with high energy bills. 

Get a Professional Inspection

Don’t let the roof issues get out of control. Molandes Roofing will send over our experts to take a look at your commercial roof. From there, we will decide what the best course of action is. Our roofers have seen all types of issues, so they know how to catch them before they get out of hand. Rest assured that your roof will be in great hands.

Molandes Roofing Is Here for You

Our values are care and trust. We treat every roof as if it were our own, and our job isn’t done until you are satisfied. Our team services Elkhart, Tyler, Palestine, and Jacksonville, Texas year-round. Whether you need commercial roof repairs, an inspection, a replacement, or just regular maintenance, we are here for you. Just give us a call, and we will be over there shortly!

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