6 Tips For Maintaining Your Roof in Top Shape

dirty roof

Whether your roof is new or you have had the same one for 15 years, it needs regular attention and maintenance. You want your roof to last as long as possible–getting a new one is a big investment. There’s no better way to elongate the lifespan of your roof than to take care of it regularly. Molandes Roofing has 6 tips for maintaining your roof, as well as offers affordable services to keep your roof in top shape.

Clean Debris From Roof

As the seasons change, different types of debris fall onto the roof, such as dead leaves, twigs, critter junk, etc. Not to mention, weather events, such as tornadoes, hail storms, and other big storms can get a bunch of dirt onto your roof too. It’s important to clean the roof regularly. We recommend hiring professional roofers who have experience in working on top of roofs because it’s very dangerous to get onto your roof yourself with no prior experience. Molandes Roofing has you covered!

Fix Damaged Shingles

Your roof’s shingles deteriorate over time since they are frequently exposed to weather conditions. They break, get pierced, or are sometimes fully torn off, leaving you with holes in your roof. These problems should be identified as soon as they arise since they are the ideal conditions for water damage. With just one phone call, Molandes Roofing can check your roof and fix these shingles. 

Check Ventilation

You need appropriate ventilation on your roof. Without it, heat and moisture can destroy rafting and sheathing. Your insulation will become less effective, and your roofing materials will buckle. Your whole roofing system will stop working. However, you’re in luck since Molandes Roofing does ventilation system installation, maintenance, and replacement.

Get Rid of Mold and Black Streaks

On your roof, areas that are frequently shaded and humid will eventually develop black streaks of mold, fungus, and algae. If unattended, this will shorten the life of your roof and might cause leaks. Mold can also impact your family’s health. It can cause allergic symptoms, such as difficulty breathing, headaches, coughing, sneezing, fatigue, and wheezing. Don’t jeopardize your family’s health. Get in touch with our team right away!

Trim Nearby Trees

If you have trees with branches hanging over your roof, we recommend trimming them. If the branches are dead or if a big storm hits, the branches can get ripped off of the tree and fall onto your roof. This can cause holes on your roof which can lead to water leaks.

Check and Repair Flashing

Flashing on your roof surrounds the chimney and vent pipes to stop water from seeping into your house. Our team can inspect and reapply the caulk on your roof every year to make sure the flashing is strong enough to stop water leaks. During the inspection, we will look for any locations where the caulk is missing or beginning to lift up. If so, we’ll just scrape off the old caulk and dab on some fresh caulk to fill the hole.

Molandes Roofing Has You Covered

Maintaining your roof is easy when you team up with Molandes Roofing. Our team is readily available to keep your roof in top shape. Follow these 6 tips for maintaining your roof and you’ll notice the difference in the long run. Give us a call today to get started.

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