How Long Does It Take To Replace a Roof?

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A roof replacement is one of the largest projects that a house can undergo. As such a large project, you are probably wondering how long it takes to replace a roof. The answer isn’t as cut and dry as it may seem. There are several factors that influence how long it may take to replace a roof. In this post, we will point out some of these factors and how long you should expect your roof replacement to take. 

What Factors Influence How Long It Takes To Replace A Roof?

Roof Features 

Another of the most obvious factors that will determine how long it will take to replace your roof is your roof’s features. This includes additional structures such as chimneys, dormers, and the number of valleys on your roof. Roof features also include the materials that your roof is composed of: asphalt shingles, composite shingles, metal, and ceramics. 

The more structures that your roof has, the longer it will take for a replacement. Different structures on your roof interrupt the shingle patterns and require more cuts/ measurements which will usually take more time. 

The roof material will also affect the time to replace as some materials are easier to work with. For example, metal roofing is usually more complex and requires a different set of skills, making it more time intensive to install than asphalt shingles.  


You may not think of it, but weather heavily affects how fast your roof replacement will take. Rain puts a damper on any sunny summer day, but when you are having your roof replaced, it can prolong your replacement by days. Roofing can be a dangerous job and when rain is introduced, it can be impossible. That’s why most roofing projects will be delayed if heavy rain starts pouring in order to keep their workers safe. 

Roof Accessibility 

If your roof has areas that are difficult to reach, then it will probably take longer to replace your roof. This means that if you have multiple stories or a heavily slanted roof, then you can expect your roofers to take a little longer to replace your roof. 

The Average Time It Takes To Replace A Roof

While all of the aforementioned factors can cause your roof replacement to take a little bit longer, they shouldn’t result in exceedingly long delays. The average roof can be replaced in a day, but in some cases, it can take between 3-5 days. Weather is usually the biggest cause of delays and can even push roof replacements into the 1+ week timeframe. 

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