4 Things That Can Cause Roof Damage

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Owning your own home is nice and all when everything is working perfectly. When the fridge is keeping your food cool and your toilet flushes all is well. But what about when your washer and dryer stop working or when your roof has a leak? Many stressful thoughts start racing through your head. Who do you call? How much is it going to cost? When will it get fixed? When things go wrong in your home, you need a great team by your side. Rest assured that when you encounter roof damage, Molandes Roofing has you covered. 

There are a number of things that can cause roof damage, and we are about to go over them to help you become more aware of them. Addressing these issues early on will help prevent costly repairs.

Critters Making a Home of Your Roof

Critters are always running around in the wild, but like every creature, they need a place to call home. Unfortunately, their home can be your roof. These critters will do whatever they can to make themselves at home. This means chewing through your shingles and building their nests inside your attic. They can also chew on your wires and other roofing materials that keep your roof intact. Keep an eye out for these critters for they can cause some serious roof damage.

Tree Branches Near Your Roof

Trees provide excellent shade, and that is especially helpful during these long, Texas summers. However, if you have trees near your roof, they can become a problem, especially when there is high wind. The tree branches can get blown off the tree and land on your roof. This can cause roof holes, broken shingles, or other types of roof damage. Make sure you trim those branches regularly to avoid any trouble.

The Sun’s UV Rays

If you thought you were the only one enduring the hot Texas sun, think again. Your roof is constantly exposed to strong UV rays, and these hot things can wear out your roof faster than you think. The rays can cause the coatings of your shingles to break down. Your roof shingles can start to fade and become dried out, which makes them very brittle. When your shingles start to curl up and warp, you have roof damage that needs to be addressed immediately.

Clogged Gutters

Your gutters can get clogged up with leaves, dirt, and other debris. When this happens, the water that’s on your roof has no way to get down your roof. Instead, the water gets pushed back onto your roof. If this issue isn’t addressed, the weight of the water that keeps getting pushed back can cause your roof to break down faster. 

Give Molandes Roofing a Call

Now that you are aware of the things that can cause roof damage, you can come up with a strategy to address these concerns. If you do end up needing a repair or replacement, get in touch with Molandes Roofing right away. We will address the problems before they become more costly projects. And if you are in need of regular roof maintenance, we have you covered there too!

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