3 Ways Summer Affects Your Roof and How You Can Protect It

summer roof

Now that summer is here, we need to pay extra attention to our roofs. The summer heat can negatively affect your roof, especially in Texas. Temperatures easily rise over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which means your roof needs help. Here are 3 ways summer affects your roof, as well as what you can do to protect it.

High Humidity Levels

Many days in the summer can get very humid, which not only makes it unpleasant for you but for your roof also. Humidity and condensation can settle in between the shingles and the underlayment, which can result in water leaks. Additionally, this becomes the perfect condition for mold growth, which can endanger your family’s health. 

Thermal Shock

During the day, the roof gets very hot. However, once the sun disappears, the temperature quickly cools down. Your roof expands and contracts as a result of this weather. Constant variation in temperature causes tension in the roofing system which ages the shingles and weakens the structure. This is referred to as thermal shock.

Wear and Tear

When there is an increased exposure to direct sunlight on your roof, it will age faster than usual. The shingles can curl and dry up. They become brittle and prone to cracking. If these issues aren’t addressed immediately, you can face large and expensive repairs in the near future.

As you can see, summer affects your roof in many ways, but Molandes Roofing is here to help! Take a look at some of the ways we can help protect your roof.

How to Protect Your Roof

Block Sun Rays With Top Quality Shading

Our professional roofers can install polyurethane foam on top of your roof. This foam will make your roof waterproof and protect it from the severe sun.

Light-Colored Roofing Materials

If you want to change up the look of your roof while maximizing its efficiency during the summertime, we can install light-colored roofing materials. White and silver material reflects the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them as dark material does. This means your roof won’t get as heated with light-colored materials.

Install Insulation

Insulation can keep your roof heat-proof during the summer. It helps keep the warmth outside and keeps your home from overheating. And you will notice a decrease in the energy bills. Your system won’t have to work as hard to keep your home cool when it’s paired with great insulation.

Annual Roof Inspections

Molandes Roofing can inspect your roof and determine if there are any issues that need fixing. If there are, we spot them right away and offer solutions. When we catch problems early on, we prevent them from becoming more serious issues. Our roofers have worked in this industry for many years, so they know exactly what to look out for. We will ensure that your roof is in great shape for the summer months.

Molandes Roofing Is Only a Call Away

If your roof needs attention this summer, don’t hesitate to call Molandes Roofing today! Our team is readily available and there isn’t a roofing problem that we don’t have a solution for. Rest assured that your roof is in great hands!

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